About Worldwide Virtual

The Beginning

Worldwide Virtual was founded on 9 August 2011 by Alan Clarke our CEO and was joined soon after by Mario Angelosanto, Steve Quinn and Greg Turnbull. The VA was founded on the principle that everyone has the freedom to fly however they want without the limitations that come from rules. In fact the only rule was that everyone had to enjoy themselves whilst flying once every three months (which is very generous). Whilst growth was slow at first, around 2013, the growth in the VA exploded with many new pilots joining,

Expansion of the Team

With the CEO away with work, the management team grew to include Jay Corry, Laurens Weers, Randy Harrill and Steve Hallsson. The growth in the team allowed us to manage the large amount of pilots that were joining as well as include new airlines and continue to develop the airline as our members wanted. Whilst some of our admins are no longer with us, our current admin team continues to develop Worldwide Virtual each and every day.

ASP Virtual Airline Management System

The ASP Virtual Airline Management System (ASPVAMS) is the engine behind Worldwide Virtual and was developed entirely in house. This came about as a result of the limitations of the open source PHPVMS system which the airline was originally running upon. Being written entirely from the ground up, ASPVAMS allows Worldwide Virtual more flexibility than ever.

In 2017, the ASPVAMS was completely rewritten to what you see today reusing very little of the original code. A lot of lessons were learnt in the first version and the latest versions takes a lot of that feedback and puts it into action.

Worldwide Virtual Admin Team

At Worldwide Virtual we have a great team of admins working in the background to make this a better place. We work together to ensure that we never stray from our guiding principle of having fun.

WW1000 Alan Clarke
Chief Executive Officer
In the real world I am an Electrical Engineer where my sometimes time consuming but enjoyable hobby of virtual flying led me to form Worldwide Virtual in 2011 out of frustration from the lack of Virtual Airlines out there that let me fly whatever, whenever and however I wanted.

Whilst I can't do any graphics whatsoever (I have Mario, Greg and Laurens for that), I am quite adept at programming and created this current form of the website from the ground up. My philosophy is quite simple - everyone has the right to enjoy their sim how they want and Worldwide Virtual won't stop or curtail that. Throughout the evolution of Worldwide Virtual, I have always aimed to stick to our mission of allowing everyone to fly whenever, whatever and however they want whilst creating an enjoyable community for all to enjoy.
WW1004 Greg Turnbull
Human Resources
I work in the Renewable Energy & Carbon Abatement Industry as an excavator/machinery operator/truck driver.

I have been with Worldwide as an admin from the very beginning and currently I am the human resources/repaints/graphic design manager, you name it. I'll try everyone and help where I can and if I don't know then google is our friend.
WW1005 Mario Angelosanto
One of the original founders of Worldwide Virtual, Mario works in the graphics area designing the liveries for the Worldwide Virtual hanger as well as using his industry expertise in consulting on the design of the website.
WW1022 Brian Cowell
Administrator / Flight Simulator Expert
Brian is Worldwide Virtual's resident flight simulator expert. Having written may articles and guides over the years, you will find a lot of his work in his participation in the forums.
WW1095 Jay Corry
Semi retired Financial Planner currently operating a small delivery business that keeps me busy a few hours a day. Served in the USAF as a Flight Engineer and Aircraft Mechanic on the C141A & B Starlifter (now retired from service).

Was given a copy of FSX years ago. I didn't play games so left in the drawer until I got bored one day. Loaded it up and realized it was 100 times the simulator that I had trained on in the Military. I have been hooked ever since. Although I have tons of planes, my favorites are the PMDG 777 and the VRS F-18. I like the realism and the quality.

Joined Worldwide in June of 2012 and in April of 2014 became part of the admin team. I was with Hawaiian and Alaska prior to that but didn't like the limitations

Currently, I approve PIREPS, general administration and monitor the forums.
WW1389 Laurens Weers
Repaints Manager
When he can and working with Mario and Greg, Laurens helps Worldwide Virtual out by creating some fantastic liveries for well known aircraft.